We Are BACK!!

After a long 18 months, the DBA is ready to return to the courts!!

In March 2020, we had no idea what to expect and we, the committee, the teams, the players and supporters had to wait... a life with no B'ball ...

But now, we're back.

Across Dorset teams are back lacing up their sneakers and getting back to training, and even playing friendlies and season warm-ups.

Last Friday the Annual General Meeting was held, with a solid representation across the county and and all 16 teams. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, finalising the format for the season, and then fixtures to follow, the 2021-22 season is on the Horizon.

The last full season 2018-19 saw BU Performance take the League Title in a single division league format, but then could not represent themselves in the Playoffs, that saw Razors and Storm reach the finals, before Storm took the honours in the dying seconds.

2019-20 saw a Divisional split, with a few expansion teams joining the DBA. At the point of the interruption, Dorset Storm had a 1 game lead over Lithuanian Oaks in Div1, whilst BU had wrapped up Div2 over Bridport Evolution in 2nd.

What we know so far for 2021-22.... Storm are back in Div1, but are also putting out a Div2 team of younger or less experienced players... Lithuanian Oaks become "Bournemouth Oaks" for inclusivity ... Bournemouth Razors may be the Bears? or stick as the Razors? Or both?? ... Tigers are back ... Spartans are back with a boosted roster ... Weymouth Basketball are most likely going to be a single team, as the Bandits... BU will be back, but a whole new roster is expected as players move up to their Uni squads and graduate... Bridport Evolution are back, and also looking to add a junior team to their club ... BG Suns remain... as do BCS Seahawks who have now expanded to open to all school pupils in the East Dorset area ... New Milton Blackhawks, and Southbourne SwampDonkeys are no more: but have joined forces to become Southbourne Blazers... and finally, we welcome the Bournemouth Classics to the DBA, after many years playing in SABA, they are an established team with solid players all round...

What the season holds... who knows!?

But Im sure, like me... you can't wait to get stuck in!