And so the final games of the 2021/22 season have been played and the league has come to a close.

Division 1

Bournemouth Bears took the title, as we knew a few weeks back. They were pushed the whole way by Bournemouth Oaks, and just won the final game 82-81, but then they closed out their season, going undefeated 10-0. Dorset Storm 2 (Men) took the 2nd place spot over Bournemouth Oaks, as they both finished 6W-4L, but the head to head was +17pts to Storm.

Bridport Evolution secured 4th Spot, over Storm 1 (U18), having beaten them in both fixtures during the conference section, prior to Christmas. Both teams finished on 3W-7L. Tigers struggled with their roster through the season, but played strong basketball and grabbed 2 wins, one over the Oaks, just prior to Christmas and then over Evolution at home.

Division 2

Team Dorset Spartans took the Div2 title, and like the Bears, completed their season undefeated 10-0. Weymouth Bandits finished as runners-up, with just those 2 close loses to the Spartans, to finish 8w-2L. Bournemouth Classics had a slow start as they returned to the DBA, but quickly found their rhythm as they only lost to the Spartans after Christmas, having lost to the Bandits prior to the break. They finished 6W-4L. BG Suns took 4th, with 3wins as Seahawks took 5th, after completing the double over the bottom of the table Blazers, who grabbed just the one win over Suns, as they struggled to fill their roster and secure players throughout the year.

It was agreed due to the Conference section that there would be no playoffs or finals this year, and we would take a break before moving into the Summer League.

Although it is not set in stone by the DBA, due to teams forming, or resolving, merging or moving away, Spartans would look to replace the Tigers in Div1.

Olly's Predictions: I was pretty much correct!! Bears over Oaks, with Storm upsetting the apple cart. Spartans over Bandits, but credit to Classics who impressed in the 2nd half of the season to finish above Suns.