So the round-robin stage of Summer League 2019 is done and the playoffs are upon us, lets look back upon how it went down...

Conference A saw the Storm go 3W-0L and secure top seed, after close wins over the Evolution to start their campaign and then Spartans. Classics had a short roster in the summer league, but we're sure they'll return strong in the Regular Season, come October. Spartans then grabbed the win, 65-52, over Evolution to take 2nd seed.

Conference B saw 3 strong teams go head to head, Tigers, Lions and Bandits all got one over each other, and ended the round robin on 10pts with 3W-1L. So it went down to Points Differential, and Bandits came out on top, with +160, and the Tigers stole the 2nd seed in their last game, taking their +/- to 101, whilst the Lions sat on +96.

At the other end the 4th seed and final playoff place went down to the last shot of the regular season. Donkeys and the new BG Suns went head-to-head and Suns made the comeback and go-ahead shot in the last minute, and Donkeys failed to reply on the buzzer.

So the Quarter Finals look like this:

Storm v Suns

Tigers v Evolution

Spartans v Lions

Bandits v Classics