And so the Summer League 2019 is upon us with 9 great teams entered this year. The league has been split into 2 competitive conferences, with conference A hosts the Spartans, Evolution, Storm and Classics, whilst B consists of the Suns, Donkeys, Bandits, Tigers, and the new Bournemouth Lions.

As ever the Summer League will be a friendly, more relaxed affair than the full season, but every team will want to go out and compete and aim to win. However, with such a short competitive schedule, simple matters of players missing due to holidays, can have a great affect on standings, so I'm not going to predict anything. [But my 7yr old daughter says the Tigers, because they have the coolest logo!]

Week 1:

Evolution v Storm

Spartans v Classics

Lions v Bandits

Tigers v Donkeys

Lets Play Ball!