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League Heads to Divisional Round

And so we hit the Christmas and New Year break, and as planned the Conferences conclude and the league now heads into the Divisional Round of the 21-22 Season.


Evolution, Bears, Oaks, Tigers, Storm1, Storm 2.

In Conference A, it was a greatly improved Bridport Evolution who took top honours, going 6-0 undefeated. They have made great strides over the last few years, led by Craig Sorrell and Chris Canham, they've come up from the depths of Div2 a few years back to actually head Div1 on Points Difference +/- at this point. They are joined by the young Storm U18 team who finished runners up.

In Conference B, it was as expected, with Bears taking top honours, again undefeated, 6-0. Player/Coach Liam Wyatt was chuffed with his team performance, enjoying their basketball, but knows there are improvements to be made. They were joined by Dorset Storm 2 (the mens team) who finished 4-2, with 2 close losses to the Bears.

In Conference C, both Oaks and Tigers finished on top, but they split their games 1-1, and oddly both games had an 11pt winning margin, meaning they shared a 0 point +/- in their head to head.

[Note: Storm1 are the U18 team from ConferenceA, Storm2 are the mens team from ConfB.]

Division 2...

Bandits, Blazers, Classics, Suns, Spartans, Seahawks.

In Conference A, it was the Blazers who finished 3rd, ahead of the Suns, who dropped a point by forfeiting their game vs. Storm1. Although their head to head sees the Suns actually start above the Blazers for the Divisional round.

In Conference B, a strong Spartans team could not contend with Storm2, and hence finished 3rd. The young Seahawks finished bottom, and have a point to prove in the coming months.

In Conference C, the Bandits couldn't overcome the Tigers Points Difference, and finished 0.500 to take 3rd. Their consistency of the squad and team that can make away games has not done them favours, but they could be strong after the break. Classics round up the Division, as they finished bottom, against a stacked Conference.

Olly's Prediction:

[Based on the very little that I've seen!!! Not to be taken too serious.


Bears will take the title, as they tip Oaks. They seemed to be loving the basketball that they are playing, and I just have them as the stronger team in depth. Tigers, Storm and Evolution could upset the apple cart, if they find rhythm. Will injuries and Covid play a part??

In Div2 I'm going to say that the Spartans will tip the Bandits to the title. Size underneath gives them a big advantage but if they go cold, it could change. Suns are looking stronger than ever, and I think on the right night, home or away, anyone can beat anyone here. It could be close all round.


Div 2 Semi - Mon, May 08





Div1 Semi - Wed, May 10





Div1 Semi - Wed, May 10





Div 2 Semi - Thurs, May 11





Div 2 Final - Sat, May 13



Div 1 Final - Sat, May 13



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