DBA Cup Week 2...

The Round Robin heated up across all groups as we hit week 2 of the Cup.

Group A saw Spartans host the Razors in a hot contest at the University campus. It was Razors who started the stronger of the 2, jumping out to a 21-16 lead after 10. Spartans cut the lead before Razors returned to grab a 14pt lead at the break. The second half the Spartans played stronger D and held the hosts to just 27 2nd half points, and had the lead down to 7, before the Razors closed it out, to take the win 69-61 to take control of Group A.

[Razors 1-0, Spartans 1-1, Raiders 0-1]

Group B had another great contest between the Tigers and the Oaks. Five 3's from the Oaks saw them edge the first Q, 28-29, but a much lower scoring 2nd from both teams put the Tigers on top at the break 40-39. The 3rd Q finished all square 59-59 setting up a great last period of play, but it was the Tigers who dominated the 4th, spreading their scoring through the team, as the Oaks dried up, and the Tigers won the Q, 27-6 to take the win 86-85.

[Tigers 1-0, Oaks 0-1, BU 0-0]

Group C saw the Suns host the Seahawks, but the game being played at BCS, due to hall usage at St Peters. And another brilliant game that saw the score to and fro, and was never more than a 7point lead for either team. It came down to the last minutes, tied at 56, then at 58, then at 60, before the Suns got the winning basket, added another pressure FT that the Seahawks could not reply to. It ended 63-60 to the Suns.

[Bandits 1-0, Suns 1-1, Seahawks 0-1]

Group D should have seen 2 fixtures... Storm vs. Donkeys and Blackhawks vs Evolution... but I haven't had scoresheets from either... so I have no idea! We are also waiting on some of their games from Week 1 to be re-arranged so this one is still wide open!

[Storm 1-0, Evolution 0-1, Donkeys 0-0, Blackhawks 0-0]