Cup Week, Round 1

It was the first round of the DBA Cup and although only 3 of the 5 games were played, it was plain sailing for the Division 1 teams.

The Storm were too strong for Bridport Evolution, 90-61. BG Suns did a good job of keeping the points deficit down against Weymouth Bandits 64-47, whilst the Spartans were too strong for the Raiders on Thursday night.

However, with 3 or 4 way groups in Round 1, it could be down to points differential as to which teams advance.

In the other 2 games, the Donkeys re-arranged with the Blackhawks to a mutual date in December, where as the Oaks / BU Performance game was left a little in the air, with no date confirmed for a reschedule. It was already moved once, and time and dates running out could see the committee deciding a forfeit in favour of one of the teams. This will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Next up in the Cup:

Tigers v Oaks

Storm v Donkeys

Spartans v Razors

Suns v Seahawks

Blackhawks v Evolution

Some great fixtures there to keep it interesting!