The DBA Cup starts this week. The first round has been split into 4 groups, each with 3 or 4 teams, as a round robin. Each team will play each other once, with the Top 2 advancing to the Cup Knockout stages, and the bottom team heading to the DBA Plate.

Group A: Spartans, Razors and Raiders

Group B: Tigers, Oaks and BU

Group C: Bandits, Suns and Seahawks

Group D: Donkeys, Blackhawks, Storm and Evolution.

In Group A, you'd expect the Div1 teams to have the better of the Raiders, but it will be a good fight for the top seed for the next round. Group B will be close, with the undefeated Div 2 Bournemouth Uni, looking to get their teeth into the Div 1 teams. Group C, the Bandits have not had the same start as previous seasons, and the Suns and Seahawks both will be hoping for the upset. And finally Group D the undefeated Div1 leaders should advance easily, but it will be a fight between the other 3.

Next round is the week commencing Nov 25th and the final round Dec 16th.