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Around the League: Weeks 2 & 3

Weeks 2 & 3 are now complete as the Conferences start to take shape:

Mon 10th the Bears opened their account in Defence of their title, against the solid Bournemouth Classics. It was a tight first half that had the Champs up by 1, 30-29 at the start of 3, when the Bears hit the accelerator pedal and pulled away. It finished 80-59 as G.Clark grabbed MVP and 16pts, all in the 2nd half.

Down the road BG Suns hosted the young Storm that again was super close at the half, that had the teenagers up by 2, 40-38. As the Storm clouds brewed and cut out the Suns offence, they took a lead that they never gave up. 85-67 to Storm U18, with B.Bernardi picking up MVP honours.

Tues 11th saw the new boys the B4L Titans travel west to Weymouth to face the Bandits. Playing in school kids bibs didn't hold the Titans back as they found an early rhythm and jumped out to a 42-30 lead at the break. The 2nd half saw teams trade points, 18-18 in the 3rd and 8-8 in the 4th, as the Titans held on for the win to open their DBA account. 68-56. Kundiso Majome grabbed 17pts.

Tigers played host to the Evolution on Wed 12th and it was super close all the way. 19-19 at the break, but the Tigers came out on top in a battle of the jungle animals, 51-50 in a great game that went to the wire, with Peter Thompson hitting the go ahead basket down the stretch. But MVP honours went to #5, Sav Guidici, who took 11pts in his column.

Conference D had a great battle with the Legends hosting the Blazers, both 0-1 in week 1. It was the hosts who started stronger (expected after that drive) and had a 35-22 lead at the half. But as James Oakley heated up, the Blazers came back at the old boys. But they had left it a little too late as the Legends held on for the win, 54-46. DBA Chairperson, Alex Furhmann grabbed 17points to lead his team and take MVP on the night.

The last game in Week 2 unfortunately was cancelled by Storm. With no notice given they forfeited the game 20-0 to the Bandits 2.

Back on track in Week 3 though!!!

And it was the Razors hosting the Oaks in Conference B. Both with wins under their belts it was all to play for. Led by Adam S. the Oaks took an early lead 21-15 after 10 mins and after trading baskets in a close 2nd quarter had a 47-40 lead at the switch. Oaks showed they haven't given up on the title this year, and turned the screw to finish the game 81-69 winners. MVP was #7 V.Gildriks.

Down the road at Glenmore the Seahawks went to the BG Suns, and with the young guns missing some key height players in was going to be tough. The Suns had a fast paced offence to match and found the openings, and had a slim 29-23 lead at the half. It was even-stevens through the 3rd but at the Seahawks pushed for the final finish, the Suns, held on to take the win 61-48.

Wed 19th had the Tigers host the strong Salisbury Suns. And the Suns just proved too strong for the Bournemouth team. Ran away winners 85-44.

Over at BU, the Spartans hosted the Evolution and it was the Evo who led early 22-10 after the first and extended it to 36-18 at the half. Spartans regathered themselves and started the 3rd stronger, looking to close the gap. An 8-0 run was finally halted by MVP Craig Sorrell and then the Evo took a run of their own, 11-0 to put the game to bed. 66-45 at the buzzer.

Conference A:

Titans and Bears are undefeated 1-0, but Classics sit on top 1-1. Bandits went 0-2 but in 2 close games. Its still all to play for.

Conference B:

Oaks sit atop B, with a 2-0 record. Bandits 2 and Razors sit 1-1, whilst the Storm are 0-2 after their forfeit. Can they bounce back as they face the Razors next to save their season?

Conference C:

Tigers lead the way, but having played more. They sit 1-2. Salisbury are 1-0 at the moment but a large +/- in their points difference. Evo have a 1-1 record, that win over Spartans and the 1point loss to the Tigers. Spartans also are 1-1, beating Tigers, but losing to Evo. Its all close there!

Conference D:

The Storm U18 lead at 2-0 and then Legends, Seahawks and Suns all 1-1, with the Seahawks having the better +/- at this stage. Blazers 0-2 but with a 7pt and 8pt loss respectively, the Conference is tight!!


Div 2 Semi - Mon, May 08





Div1 Semi - Wed, May 10





Div1 Semi - Wed, May 10





Div 2 Semi - Thurs, May 11





Div 2 Final - Sat, May 13



Div 1 Final - Sat, May 13



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