The Annual General Meeting was held on August 9th in Dorchester, with nearly all teams represented.

Although the "ins and outs" of the league, basketball in England and development were discussed at length, the main points that came from the meeting were:

Registration process by BE has changed to protect players information more. Players need to register themselves.

Referee / Coaches / Table courses are necessary for the league to continue and will be provided in the coming months, at either Storm or Seahawks venues, or elsewhere in the locality.

The DBA is doing well financially and money is being put directly back into junior development, however BE are changing the way this money is re-imbursed.

The league will potentially and preferably be a 2 tier divisional league with fixtures to be sorted. The number of fixtures shouldn't change greatly as the DBA expands and welcomes new teams.

With BE updating its welfare rules regarding age limits for teams, it was checked, discussed and agreed that the age limit is 14yrs old for the senior league; however further waivers and acceptance from parents, both teams, refs is needed per game.

Junior league will be about fun, inclusion and development and Jill will provide fixtures and updates soon.

There are some minor DBA and BE rule updates, to be found on the info page.

A full break down of minutes, taken by DBA Secretary, Craig Sorell will be added soon.